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Analysis Workspace: Compact Report Stylesheet


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It would be great to have a compact stylesheet for Analysis workspace. The current layout has a lot of empty space which can be great at times, however, having a compact view will be very beneficial for:

  • Layout configuration - saving space
  • Less scrolling with more data on screen

In the old reports you were able to have maybe 3 tables within single screen vertically, wiht the new layout in AW you can hardly fit 1. Image below illustrates that even just removing the padding makes the table much more compact and shrinks it by 25% I am sure it can be done further.




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What would you call this setting?

Compact View (if it is more of a table specific thing),

Expert View (if it is more of a global control within a project)

Where would you expect to access this setting?

If it is table specific, I would expect a new 'cog/gear' icon and menu to be introduced in the top right hand corner of the table panel, mirroring the UX of the more graphical components that have a "Visualization Settings" menu. As per the below screen shot:


If it is a global setting I'd expect to find it under the global project menu.

Which option do you prefer and why?

#2 seems to provide the right balance between visible rows and readability.

(the spacing of #1 makes it difficult to read, #3 doesn't provide enough extra visible rows to be worth the effort)

How many options should we provide? If we provided many, when would you use different options?

Two - the standard view, and the compact view

What would you expect the settings to impact within a Workspace project?

I'd like to be able to impact all components/panels allowing for a more detailed view of the data on screen.

If you shared a compact project, what do you want your end users to see?

The end user should see exactly what I was seeing i.e. the setting should be saved as part of the project and maintained.

Any other feedback?



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Thank you all for the feedback! We are moving this forward internally and hope to have something in the product in the spring.