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Analysis Workspace: Breakdown Suggestions


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When selecting a Breakdown in Analysis Workspace, it would be useful to have options, or a filter, (especially for the selection of Dimensions), such as:


1. Suggested (hierarchical or relational) by Adobe Analytics for example, if "Countries" is being broken down, suggest "Regions" and "Cities" (etc.).  If "Mobile Device Types" is being broken down, suggest "Mobile Device", "Browser", etc. 


2. Frequently used (by me and/or by other users of this report suite) - for example, we have a collection of a half-dozen props for various link attributes (such as link page name, link display name, link destination, link position, link content friendly name, link marquee slot #).  These props are broken down by one another all of the time (this way and that) in our reporting environment, but business users typically have a hard time understanding which ones to use or how to find them.  I'd like to make that easier for them either by suggesting what they individually (or everyone) is using most, or by specifying it for them explicitly as a suggestion within the project as in #3 (next). 


3. Project/table-defined suggestions: As a report creator, I may wish to define dimensions which I think report users would use the most frequently for breaking down a given table.  I would like to make it easy for them to find these, so why not assign them to the table?  (If not by right-clicking the Breakdown list, perhaps I could put these into a "wallet" in the table header that they could use for dragging/dropping onto the rows on the table.   (On another note: I would definitely like to have a "wallet" of segments (such as those of site sections) that they could use (one at a time) for a project or panel which could be re-used as a template (for any of these segments on demand), without having to create an uneditable curated project.)


4. Favorites: I may have favorited dimensions that I like to break things down by (maybe I primarily do video reporting and want to look at the eVars for the video names and the Page URLs that they are on).  I'd like to be able to access these easily.  (Not sure how much this differs from "frequently used" but perhaps others can weigh in on this.


As a web analyst, I'm very familiar with the types of dimensions, segments and other reporting components that are available to my department across the various tagging implementations of the websites for which the business is responsible.  But if I am going to democratize the data via Analysis Workspace (so that I can move on to other, more-complicated asks), I need to be able to make answering the "next" question (via breakdowns) easier for my end users beyond the initial dashboards or reporting templates that I have created.  (I also want to start enabling/training the new users first in Workspace, vs. Reports, as we are now doing much of our report creation there.)  I also don't want to overbloat the Workspace UI in the process . . .

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Level 2


I would really appreciate an implementation of the third feature. The fourth point would be kind of "nice to have". So if  I had to proritise the points above it would be:



The other points in any order