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Always record URL for pages


Level 10


The pages report stores an URL for each page which is displayed in the status bar if you hover over the pagename or can be accessed if you click on the pagename and then "Open URL in new window". Also the API exports both, pagename and URL.


But currently not all pages get an URL assigned. The list is flushed once a month and it seems that if the first server call after that is not a pageview but an exit/download/custom link, no URL is recorded. So ~20-30% of the pages might not have an URL for the current month.

Would be really helpful if the URL could always be recorded.



Level 5


Can easily populate in the s_code with a dynamic variable.


The one thing to keep in mind (which has been an issue for us) is that a single page name could have multiple URLs. A prop correlation would be able to easily account for this.


Level 10


I have this data in a prop+evar. (prop cuts at 100 bytes)

But if an user wants to see the page behind a pagename in the pages report he can open this easily from the report, but only for ~80% of the pages. I just like this to be turned into 100%.

Same if you pull the data via API.


Level 5


Omniture already collects this data and it has a 256 character limit.  They wouldn't have to change a thing.  Why waste another prop/evar to do this?  This would be very helpful.


Level 4


As part of this, just make a new default variable, s.URL, that would appear with the Pages report as it's own report, but also be usable in subrelations as well as correlations.


Such a variable would be helpful in troubleshooting data quality issues.


Level 3


This option should be configurable to minimally enable/disable per report suite.  We have a global report suite where pageName applies to multiple domains and have users thinking that the page is just for the one domain showing, which is causing more questions than serving useful.  We want to disable this, minimally for the global report suite and have not been told it's possible to do.