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Allow Last-Year-to-Date in Analysys Workspace date range manager -- that excludes "today"


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Short version of this request: Add 366 as an option in "days minus" of date manager.


Why? If you want to build a YTD comparison for last year and this year, you are forced to include "today" a year ago -- which will be a full 24 hours -- and "today" this year, which may be far less than a full day. Ideally, I would want a YTD that excludes "today" which is easy to build for the current year, but impossible for the previous year.


Model now for LAST Year-to-date:

    Setting this rolling timeframe on Aug. 17, 2016

           -Start of-     -current year-  -minus-     -1-      -year -

           -Start of-     - current day-   -minus-   -365-    -days


Which gets me 1/1/15-8/17/15


If I could set minus-days to 366 I could get to the desired rolling window of 1/1/15-8/16/15

Thanks for your consideration.



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I'd rather have the option to always exclude "today" even when I'm not comparing to a previous time-frame.  For some analysis, we prefer to use full days of data and it would simpler to have an 'exclude today' check box, then I can select last 30 or 90 days and not have to fiddle with the dates.