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Allow for user permissions to a single specific segment


Level 9


I have a network of bloggers who blog on a single site. I would like to give them access to data around just the content they publish e.g not the entire site. So do this today I create dashboards with page view segments restricting the view to pages where specific author is present. This works but our authors want more up to date data and direct access to reports.

So I would like to set up users with permissions access to a specific segment when that use logs in they only have access to that specific segment thus creating a restricted view of data based on that segment and preventing this user from viewing all the site data.

I could achieve this with multi-site tagging however this is cumbersome approach for 50+ bloggers and also has cost implications.

In Google Analytics it's easy and free to create a profile based off data values so would love to be able to do something similar in sitecatalyst.



Level 1


I would like to be able to control user/group access based on defined segments.



- I have a segment defined as "Visits where Referring Domain = xyz.com"

- I want to give web analysts from xyz.com access to see how their referring traffic is impacting my site

- I would like to be able to create user accounts in SiteCatalyst that ONLY have access to view visits where referring domain = xyz.com