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Allow for more than 400 rows of data in Analytics Workspace


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Workspace has been by go to reporting canvas since its release and I find myself relying on Data Extract, Data Warehouse & Ad Hoc reporting for larger data sets and analysis.

It would be helpful to allow for a larger data set threshold within Analytics Workspace.



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Eagerly waiting for the download feature which allows more than 400 rows. Is there any update by when this solution will be implemented?






Isn't it funny that a product that has ANALYTICS on its name doesn't allow you to download more than 400 lines of data? And this product deals with web/app data, which in nature tends to be very large...


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12 months on from Adobe confirming this would be 'coming soon' doesn't fill me with hope. But @jenlasser is there any news on this? 


It always feels as if some of the updates/additions are cool but not exactly useful. Whereas this is simply playing catch up on the functionality we lost two years when ad-hoc was decommissioned.

Surely ensuring the replacement was like for like is a priority?


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We are getting close to adding a download option for 50000 rows of a single dimension (with filters and segments applied). I'm looking for a handful of customers to beta test the solution in the next couple weeks (week of 8/10 or 8/17). Please message me if you are interested and include your name, company name, and email address so we can coordinate. Thanks!


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Currently 400 rows are available in workspace but this is in pipeline. This will be released in upcoming Release but there is no ETA for now.


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We will be adding the ability to download up to 50000 rows for a single dimension from Workspace. 400 rows will remain the limit in the UI, after which the remaining rows will be paginated.

Status changed to: Accepted