Allow for more than 400 rows of data in Analytics Workspace

csessoms 24-05-2018

Workspace has been by go to reporting canvas since its release and I find myself relying on Data Extract, Data Warehouse & Ad Hoc reporting for larger data sets and analysis.

It would be helpful to allow for a larger data set threshold within Analytics Workspace.

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lindsayp5133789 05-04-2019

I second and third this idea.  Besides performance and freezing in Workspace (experiencing it today), the limit of 400 rows prevents me from doing any deep or complex work in Workspace.  Minimally we should be able to view the same # of rows Discover offers.  OR even better, let us download the entire dataset regardless of the number of rows visible in the table.

LectricMocean 01-07-2019

I'd be happy with the ability to download the full table into csv as a start.


While we don't plan on increasing the 400 row limit IN the UI at this time (due to browser speed issues), we are working toward letting you download 50K rows/breakdown soon. That would bring the data extraction capabilities in line with Ad Hoc.

LectricMocean 22-07-2019

Soon? Is it an explicit roadmap item? Do we have an estimated delivery date?

This has been being discussed since at least Sept 5, 2018 when you posted the Intention to End Of Life Ad hoc (Intention to End-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis (Discover) announced ). This is an important step for my internal team's ability to adopt Workspaces fully.


We will update the status of this ticket as it gets closer to release - "in progress" , then "coming soon", then "delivered". No release date can be shared at this time.

shareda39754805 30-07-2019

I would like to see this implemented as well.

Balaji_V 01-08-2019

Will be easy to download / view easy

colleens6361080 14-08-2019

About to cry because I was just asked to pull over 100 pages of data and learned there isn't away to download full csv.


Data Warehouse would be the recommended tool for this request.

b_e_l 26-09-2019

There are differences in data availability between the tools and unless that's resolvable, Data Warehouse will never be an acceptable solution to this problem.