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Allow for a simple way to pass multiple unique variables to a single s.Evar on a single page


Level 9


I can do this using list variables on s.props, can we support the same for s.Evar's e.g a company may look like s.evar1="adobe|apple|IBM". Success events would be attributed to each unique company name in this example. 



Level 6


As Adam rightly pointed out  - that the product eVar, in particular, needs a list. Most sites have multiple products listed on the same page. Currently there is no way to fire prodView (or any other event) for several products on such a page. Much needed !


Level 1


Products is a comma-separated list of products, so you can have several products with the same event.  Adam was referring to applying the product variable functionality, meaning the ability to list values, but have it persist like a regular eVar (product expires on page view, so it doesn't persist).

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