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Level 3


Currently, "Apply the alert to" only has 3 options: All ItemsTop 1000Specific Item. There needs to be another selection for "Any Item" or "Any Single Item.


I find it of more value, if I could be notified when a any single item (not a Specific Item) exceeds whatever alert settings are in place.



Level 4


If I am understanding correctly, I think this "partially" exists.  See http://microsite.omniture.com/t2/help/en_US/sc/user/alerts.html with selected text below.


"Can be applied to all items, the top 1000 items, or specific items. If the top 1000 items or specific items are selected, each individual line item triggers the alert, not the summed total. Option only available in reports with line items."


I would think the top 1000 items would be enough for you to worry about.  Although I am not sure the alert will tell you which item attributed to the variance.


Good Luck!


Level 3


Thank you for the call out. I just set one up for top 1K items, we'll see if it shows what item triggered the alarm. Thanks!