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Adobe Alert Request - Ability to exclude alerts from firing for specific hours of the day


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We need be able to identify irregularities/defects in our ecommerce business (declines in web traffic/sales/conversion).

Using Alerts (both daily and hourly) with segments applied helps our teams triage in root cause analysis and investigations.

Some of our hourly alerts trigger frequently if the criteria are met, most often during hours of the day where a large portion of our website/app visitors and purchasers are not browsing or purchasing.


Why is this feature important to you

We are receiving specific hourly alerts for certain use cases more often then we would like.

We have leadership and other stakeholders that have requested to receive these alerts, but we do not want to add them to the distribution until we can control the frequency to exclude these known instances from firing. 

We want to prevent the integrity of the Alerts tool from being deemed inaccurate and irrelevant as a result of this.


How we would like the feature to work

We would like to have a dropdown filter to select specific hours of the day to exclude the hourly alert from triggering for. Alternatively, if we can apply apply a segment that excludes specific hours of the day from being included that would work.

With current behavior of applying a segment using either of the criteria below still yields triggering an alert during the 3AM, 4AM or 5AM hours of the day.

  • Logic Option 1: Exclude Hit where Hour of Day = 3AM OR 4AM OR 5AM 
  • Logic Option 2: Include Hit where Hour of Day = 12AM OR 1AM OR 2AM OR 6AM OR 7AM OR 8AM OR 9AM OR 10AM OR 11AM OR 12PM OR 1PM OR 2PM OR 3PM OR 4PM OR 5PM OR 6PM OR 7PM OR 8PM OR 9PM OR 10PM OR 11PM





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Hello @mic09690 ,


I believe you can do what you are asking for both "hour of day" and "Day of week".  

For hour of day, you would monitor at a daily level looking for a drop or rise over "x" %

For Day of week you would monitor a weekly level looking for a drop or rise over "x" %


You can create a segment to include the hours of day you want to include, and then apply that segment in your alerts.  

You can also use specific metrics in tandem with that (ex: daily average or hourly average) 


This gives you control over specific repeat periods of time while ignoring specific repeat periods of time (ex: weekends or late hours in the night).  




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Yes, while it would be nice to have an out-of-the-box solution for this, you can apply logic to send alerts only at certain times of the day. I actually presented some Rock Star tips on this last year. 




My whole second tip is basically a bunch of micro-tips for alerts, including a tip on how to add controls around time of day and day of the week.


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@Jennifer_Dungan thank you for sharing that link! After reviewing the sample logic during your recording I saw an issue on my end with how I configured my segment.


@Damonwhall - thank you for your input as well