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Adobe, give us our (analytics) data!


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i really love Adobe Analytics Workspace, great flexibility and easy to use. and new users i give access to Workspace really love the UI where they can drag and drop just whatever they want. but: as an admin I have no control or information what the users are doing. maybe he is doing something wrong and needs my help?

good news: Adobe knows everything - they have Adobe Analytics installed on workspace (Report Suite eg. "obue.aalytics.spa"), means they are recording every click a user is doing in Adobe Analytics Workspace (and other tools of Adobe Analytics). Just one example a call looks like when i create a new project in Workspace


IDEA: I kindly ask Adobe to create a VRS for each company on the main report suite (eg. "obue.analytics.spa"). the segment applied would be either "company" or "billing_customer_ecc_id" which are both unique for our company. the access should be granted to admins and/or supported users only.

Benefit for me as admin/supported user

- See what users are doing in an easy interface (compared to the old log files)

- analyse what reports suites, dimension/metrics are used by business

- Set alerts when users use certain dimensions/metrics

and much more

Adobe, can you please give us "our" data? You would help us a lot! Thanks!



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This is something folks have been asking for/fighting for for years (see also Analysis Workspace:We need analytics on Analytics!​ and Track usage of Adobe Analytics among users ).
And I've heard from Adobe they see the reason folks are asking, but it's never been high enough on the priority lists. But now that folks are in workspace more and more, the old usage/access logs (which were already barely useable) now really just don't cut it, but we still try to use them to figure out how we need to enable users (are they maybe missing some valuable reports?), where to focus implementation efforts (sure, eVar10 is broken, but no one was ever using it when it worked, maybe we can deprioritize that one), which users aren't signing in....
This would be a huge win for a lot of Analytics teams.