Adobe Analytics User Permissions - Admin Console Fail




The Admin Console is still HIGHLY labor intensive when you want to control permissions for Adobe Analytics.  Not only that, it's a BAD user experience.

First of all, I should not have to go to the Help documentation just to understand the sub-groupings of permissions you previously had in the group and user access management in the Adobe Analytics tool.

Even worse: On any of the Permissions edit screens - EVERY time you add or remove an item from either the Available Permission Items or Included Permission Items, the list jumps back to the top and also wipes out your search criteria.  You also can't select more than one permissions option at a time (REALLY?!?).  The Metrics and Dimensions permissions contain ~2,000 options alone, and you want me to either add/remove everything, or tediously scroll (or search) for every single change I need to make?

I was honestly hoping when we went through the user migration that this would be fixed shortly afterward, but I'm thinking Continuous Improvement has really missed the boat on this interface.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make this easier for us to administer.  I should NOT have to lose half a day of productivity just trying to create an Adobe Analytics Product Profile.

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strongly agree with every point written above! I hope this gets an update very soon...