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Adobe Analytics report descriptions - allow links




I would like the report descriptions to be modified so that you can post more than plain text. If we could post links in the descriptions, we could host webpages with more description of the reports and guidelines for its use. We could also post links to the Adobe Analytics help pages for metrics descriptions etc. This would allow for much richer documentation of reports than the 250 character limit allows and would make it easier for people onboarding to get the information they need to perform accurate reporting.

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This would be a great added feature. In fact it would be nice if Adobe actually could host in the cloud the page the hot link would link to (Think of it as added information). Then Adobe could do the same for all the 'general' reports like traffic, pathing, traffic sources, mobile etc. giving quick tips on those reports and in-context help. The allow your customers to expand on that help and add our own for custom variables, campaigns, products etc.


Also if in a 'experts area' maybe for supported users at sites those who wrote some documentation mostly for general reports that seem to resenate with their users could share that out for other interested parties. We could always discuss on the message board but if I could post some documentation that my users found good and propagate that to the user community we could definitely help improve the overall quality of the analytics product and cause increased knowledgeful usage of analytics.