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Adobe Analytics - Alerts listing filters


Level 2



the alerts listing always loses the applied filters when browsing between alerts.

Which is very frustrating

Steps to reproduce:

  • within the Alerts components into AA, apply a filter (e.g. Other Filters --> Show all)
  • open a filter
  • save it and go back to the filter list ==> you'll get the list without any filter applied

Would be amazing to save the applied filters when browsing.





Level 1


I am having this issue, seems to be a bug, in 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: 2 alerts, 2 different filters:

I'm  trying to set an alert A on # Visits to screen A.

- I select the screen A via filter. 

- Save the alert A.

- Go to / create another alert (ex Alert B)

- Select screen B via filter

- Save the alert B

- Go back to Alert A and you see filter B.

Scenario 2: 1 alert, using OR for 2 filters

I'm  trying to set an alert X on (# Visits to screen A) OR (# visits to screen B).

- First filter: I select the screen A. 

- Select OR

- Second filter: select screen B

- Save the alert X, close it

- Re-open alert X and both filters show the last one selected (i.e. screen B)