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Admin Dashboards


Level 9


I could really use a dashboard specifically designed for Admins. This would give me excellent visibility into problems that affect our data. Some reportlets I would love to see in an Admin dashboard are:


Open Client Care Tickets: Status of open tickets with Client Care so I can keep on top of problems.


Report Suites At/Near Scheduled Daily Page Views: Sites can go over their scheduled daily page views without me ever knowing. Then latency occurs and spreads to several report suites. I’d like something that alerts me whenever report suites are in jeopardy of going over what I predicted for daily page views.


Failed Report Notification: Scheduled reports in Site Catalyst, Report Builder, Data Warehouse, etc. can fail for various reasons. I automate reports to go to many people so I don’t know if they don’t receive a scheduled report.


SAINT Upload Progress: A consolidated view of uploads across multiple report suites to show status of recent and pending SAINT uploads


Data Blackouts: Code can be removed from or broken on sites without me ever knowing – not until I need data and it’s not there. It would be great to include in an Admin Dashboard so I can be alerted when there is a blackout.


Deleted Segments: A list of deleted segments and some indication whether or not that segment was used by anyone else.



Level 1


GREAT IDEA DAN!!! This would be such a huge help and I esp love these:

Report Suites At/Near Scheduled Daily Page Views

Failed Report Notification

Data Blackouts



Level 1


ReportBuilder now sends notifications to the scheduler when a report fails to deliver as well as offer troubleshooting options with its diagnosis.