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Adjust search relevance or make exact match also available


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This idea was on the old forum, but after the migration I couldn't find it anymore so I wrote a new one. Curation and variable settings in virtual report suites have helped a lot when we want to adjust variables for certain project etc. However, the basic search in Workspace could need some adjustments and then it would be easier and faster to find right variables (especially for new users).

I can think of many kinds of filterings that would be a big help, but maybe this exatch match is my most wanted wish for the search. I have few other ideas written separately for search (filtering alphabetically and filtering by only custom variables)

When you search "eVar1" you get all kinds of result with "1" included. I guess that is ok, but would be nice if the exact match (in this case eVar1) would be on the top of the search results or something like that. Same with "eVar25" for example, you get "eVar52" etc.