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Adjust multiple report parameters at once


Level 4


Running reports could be much faster if you could change mulitple report parameters at once.

For example, instead of having to change the date and wait for refresh, change metrics and wait for it to refresh, change filter and wait for it to refresh, add segment and wait for it to refresh...

why not give all the options in a form based format where you can change ALL the parameters you need to and then hit a submit button. That would save valuable time when generating the reports and make working with Omniture much more efficient.



Level 6


This used to be available in 13.5 it was called 'report builder' not to be confused with the excel add-on. If you have 13.5 available pop-down to it and take a look. it's exactly what you want.


Level 1


ONe would think this would help the reporting server loads too.  One form continaing

 - Date range

 - Metrics

 - Trended Ranked

 - Filter


... would reduce most of my access from 4-5 Submit Button clicks/Server refreshes, to just 1.