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Add "Flat Table" Visualizations to Workspace


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Description -


While Breakdowns are great, it can make the visuals harder, especially if you want to replicate something like a source/medium report like in GA; or any other 1 to 1 relationship.


Being able to add multiple dimension columns followed by multiple metric columns, and to be able to sort those columns would go a long way to allowing simpler visualizations when needed. Having access to both Freeform breakdowns AND flat table visualizations would allow for more ways to represent our data (without having to take it out to Report Builder)



Why is this feature important to you -


More ways to visualize data is always important, and being able to represent and sort data based data sets as a whole would allow people to have a simpler view of sets of data...


As in, instead of sorting by Metric A on Dimension 1 (altogether), then a sub-sort on the metric by Dimension 2 (i.e the breakdown).

The Sort would be on the combination of Dimension 1 and Dimension 2 together.



How would you like the feature to work -


Create sets of data in a flat table visualization that can be sorted as sets, it will allow us to see information in a cleaner view:


Both freeform (drill down data) and flat tables have an important roll in data visualizations.


Freeform collect all the data consolidated at each level, whereas flat tables would split those dimensions up, but allow us to sort fully by which combinations are most relevant.



Current Behaviour -


This is a new visualization type that could be used in parallel with the existing freeform tables.



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Is this feature live? I am unable to pull multiple dimensions in a freeform table. I know I heard in summit we can pull up to 5 dimensions. 


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I was at that summit presentation... and I was talking to them afterwards... the flat table feature will only be available in CJA


We need it in Analytics, where most of the users are still pre-dominantly based.