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Add "filter from selection" feature to Analysis Workspace Freeform Tables


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Now that Analysis Workspace includes "copy to clipboard" and "show only selected rows" functionality as options in the right click menu, I think it would make sense to add another option to create and/or add to already existing filters from resulting dimensions/row items in a Freeform Table.

For example,  if I created a Pages report with a number of filters already applied, but I was still seeing a few pages that needed to be excluded, it would be great to be able to just right click on the resulting row(s) and select exclude selection (or filter by selection to zoom in on that item) without having to open the filter dialogue.

Selecting the "Create filter from selection menu" item from the menu could open to a sub-menu with several more options, but below are two as an example (exclude and focus):

Idea Exchange.png

Choosing one of the sub-menu options would then reload the newly filtered report.

This would be super helpful if you needed to whittle down to specific item/s from a larger list ON THE FLY, i.e., for troubleshooting or isolating/identifying issues.

Please let me know your thoughts!!


- Randy



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I really like this.

Maybe add shortcuts, like ctrl+shift+click on a cell would create a  filter for that selected value(s) automatically. and ctrl+shift+alt+click excludes value(s) in the filter.

PS: can't live without shortcuts


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Hey hyderziaee!

Long time...   I like it. I like it!

P.S.  I'm one of those old school MS Office shortcut users...  I barely use my mouse at all.  :-)