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Now that google has encryptet paid search keywords we get a lot of "not provided" in the paid keywords reports. Unfurtunately if you have linkedin your Adwords account with your Google Analytics account you still get the keyword data. For this we get a lot of push back from clients.

Make it possible to add a Google Adwords account in the admin console so we get the same data in Analytics. I know that the Media Optimizer product allows for this but many are not ready to pay the price for this. Its a serious disadvantage for Analytics that will drive Google Analytics uptake, so please consider this asap.

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I completly agree with Morten, this is a big issue for us too, espacially knowing that the data are avaliable (if the integration was made).





This is a great suggestion, and one that we've heard from others outside of the Idea Exchange as well. We will keep a close eye on this, and consider it against the other priorities on our roadmap. Please continue to vote and comment! 



@ben I can imagie you would have heard it. 


I do understand the Media Optimizer consideration and that it would strip it for some of the functionality exclusivity but the long term impact  implies that there is a good business case to be made i think (anti churn).


It migh also be worth considering including other engines such as Yandex, bing etc. and get a significant competitive advantage right away.


Let me know if you need input from feedback we have gotten or otherwise.



I complete agree @MortenBusk.  Thanks for informing me of this topic on the ideas exchange.  I have promoted this as we are watching this very closely as well.



Ben - Where are we on this ???



It's still something we are discussing and thinking about. To be perfectly honest, it is not on our product roadmap for the next 12 months. However, we are working on some documentation around building an integration with AdWords using Data Sources and classifications, similar to what you will find here:




any news in this case? any date for „coming soon“?



Same question: With Advertising Analytics you now allow to integrate adwords and adobe, however only summarized data and you cannot apply breakdowns or custom events. Google Analytics lets you combine the acquisition report with goals.




You can apply Analytics dimension breakdowns to the AMO ID field and it's related metadata (ad platform, keyword, account, match group, etc). For example, breakdown ad platform by device. You can also use the AMO ID instances metric (directionally the same as clicks) or any other Analytics metric (standard or custom) against those dimensions.

You cannot breakdown the Ad Analytics integrated metrics however (impressions, clicks, cost, avg. position, avg. quality score) because that data happens offsite and is not associated with a specific visitor ID. I don't believe Google let's you breakdown that information either, for the same reasons. You can only look at that information by the AMO ID, its metadata, or trended.

Here is an example of the possible reporting:

Ad Analytics example.png




Correct - GA’s ability to breakdown clickthrough dimension data by Goals is aligned with Adobe’s ability to breakdown data by any metric - standard metrics, calculated metrics, segmented metrics, and ad analytics metrics. Except unlike GA Goals, you don’t have to set up any of these prior to on-site Adobe data collection, you can use them on the fly and tie to the Ad Analytics dimensions for clickthroughs.