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Add basic % of visits to Page Summary Report


Level 9


Page Summary is a great little report, but it's missing a basic and critical piece for us: How many visits included that page.


It tells you how many started there, and how many ended there, but not how many simply went there.


It's easy enough to get by adding "visits" to the page name report, but the detailed path analysis of the Page Summary leaves out that key metric -- a baseline for determining the relevance of the rest of the data to your overall business.


Should be easy enough to fix.

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Level 2


Totally agree that visits should be included under this report as well as Unique Visitors to the page in question for the selected time frame. % of total visits should also be displayed.


In addition, it should also include the following metrics represented as a percentage as well to save time in having to calculate this manually or by going to another report.

* Visits where this was an Entry Page

* Visits where this was an Exit Page

* Visits where this page is a Single Page Visit