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Add ability to change bar graph color (colour)


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it would be great if there was an option to change the color (colour) of bars in bar graphs when running SiteCatalyst, and subsequently when these reports are saved as bookmarks, reportlets in dashboards, emailed, exported in docs etc. In a stacked bar graph, this control would change the color of the first item.

At present, I have a dashboard which contains many bar graphs, all of which are blue, making comprehension of individual reportlets difficult.

6-10 well chose color options would be great.



Employee Advisor


Workspace cycles through 10 colors. We are considering adding in some new color palettes to choose from + defining your own 10 custom colors. This would apply to the entire project, and not be customizable viz by viz.

Would love to hear feedback on this!


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@jen_lasser Is there any update on this? Looking to have consistency with colors in visualizations throughout a project.


As of now, seems we can't even manage consistency with 2 different visualizations using the same data source - much less across an entire project.


Control over assigning colors in legends would be awesome.


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Not sure if this has been resolved or not, but I also experience this issue; I have a workaround though!


For a bar chart specifically; I create a new freeform table with the metric to be charted in the "left" of the table. I place the items (products or services in my world) at the "top" of the freeform table. I then insert the bar chart visual, making sure the data source is referencing the new table. You can then choose to "Lock Selection" on an active field in the table, as well as uncheck the "Show Data Source" to hide the table.


I do agree that more options need to be included for visuals; I miss that with Power BI. I have patience this will happen with Workspace in time though!