Add ability to change bar graph color (colour)

tobes50214 29-06-2010

it would be great if there was an option to change the color (colour) of bars in bar graphs when running SiteCatalyst, and subsequently when these reports are saved as bookmarks, reportlets in dashboards, emailed, exported in docs etc. In a stacked bar graph, this control would change the color of the first item.

At present, I have a dashboard which contains many bar graphs, all of which are blue, making comprehension of individual reportlets difficult.

6-10 well chose color options would be great.

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markc44481791 05-07-2010

Couldn't agree more and logging in to add same idea!  Wuold extend this to be let us set the color for trends too or any of the graphs available not just bars.


Another really strong use case behind this is when you have a dashboard or series of reports where you want a given measure or trend to be consistent color across multiple reportlets making it easier for viewers/users.

jmbolfing 12-08-2010

I would already be happy if the colours of bars in graphs would correspond to the colours of metrics in the report. If you run a report with say two metrics and you select metric #1 to be shown in the left graph and metric #2 in the one on the right, both will get the same colour in the graph. However in the report, metric #1 has a blue rectangle next to it and metric #2 gets an orange one.

tim_elleston 12-12-2010


c_mason5 12-12-2010

Nice one Toby - a bit more flexibility in colour setting would be a great enhancement.

Lukáš_Čech 03-02-2013

One more scenario.


I have reports for multiple Success Events broken down by an eVar (Segments) with few values (4). I wanted to have Stacked Area charts of a dashboard, where the same values from an eVar (Segment-1 .. Segment-4) would have the same colors on every chart. But if there is no value for Segment-1 when displaying one of those Success Events, I have to show the chart with different colors.

Jeroen_Jaspar 25-07-2013



Since the new release of the graphical interface the ability of changing the default colors of the graphics has become very important for us. 


Two Reasons:

- The colors have become more distinct, which makes the graphics less usuable to directly use in presentations.

- Pink/Magenta is a sort of disallowed color in our company as it represents our direct Competitor.


So I would like to push this feature forward.


Thank you!

kylef89269982 25-07-2013
marina_bear 22-06-2016

I second that suggestion

Our clients wants to see a lot of 'comparison views' on the Dashboard.


We in generally compare aggregated data for 2 different periods. A lot of metrics


We struggle with visualisation because Analytics target reports are not available in the Workspace


With the visualisation we use Bars and Tree Maps, however they are the same shade of green.


If the metrics value are close, the visualisation does not server the purpose - we end up seeing 2 identical bars or 2 identical squares


Looking our 'Tree Map' visualisation the client joked 'I have see a lot of green' ahahaa


We really need to take advantage of colours to release the full power of visualisation







Custom colors is something we are evaluating for Analysis Workspace.

alexlemosilva 10-04-2018

Please Adobe! Allow us, your customers, to use colors on their reports!