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Ability to Sort Metric Reports in Reverse Order


Level 10


If you are looking at a Metrics report (sorted by date), there is currently no way to reverse the order so you can see the most recent dates at the top.  If you have a long time period, this means scrolling all of the way to the bottom to see the information you care about the most (usually the most recent day, week, month, etc...).  I think the Graph shoudl remain as it is, but allow you to flip the data table order...



Level 10


This is especially annoying when adding to a dashboard and only the top dates are listed as opposed to the most recent dates


Level 6


This one is so obvious- very often I end up defining calculated metrics like


1/metric or

Total - metric


to achieve the same effect, but its really annoying to do that.


Level 10


Also, let us do this right on the report as many other sites/tools do with the normal UI of clicking on the column heading to set/flip the sorted column vs. not having to go to the Report Settings popup, etc.


This includes the first column See IDEA: Sort reports by Varible/Pagename


Level 1


I would also love to be able to sort on multiple columns in one report; eg:  sort metricA from low to high, but sort metricB from high to low


Level 2


This isn't a new idea, Adam Greco also posted this but he mentioned date specifically but I'd like to include the ability to reverse the order of all metrics.  For example, if I am running the pages report, I'd like to be able to see the least popular pages.  Or if I am running a report on link tracking for a page, I'd like to be able to see the least popular links/actions.  This might be the long tail of our analytics trail but there is some valuable information on the least popular/used pages/content but there currently isn't anyway to easily get to this data without clicking on the "" links over and over again until you get to the end of the report.... so inconvenient, its actually impossible to use.




@dleeskm This is a good addition to Adam's idea. I am going to merge this idea with that one, but preserve your comment in that thread so that we have it recorded.