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Ability to get an overview of Processing Rules across report suites


Level 9


Currently Adobe does not provide a way in the interface to see an overview of processing rules across all report suites. The options for pushing process rules are either "append to" or "overwrite all" and it just shows a list of rsid(s) to select, but doesn't show what processing rules are currently applied to them. 


So basically this means that if you have a lot of report suites to manage and certain processing rules should only be applied to certain report suites, you have to maintain your own list (e.g. in a separate spreadsheet) and hope it is up to date and accurately reflects what is actually there.  The only way to verify which report suite has which processing rule(s) is by looking at each report suite one at a time.  


This is extremely frustrating and time consuming, especially for clients that have hundreds of report suites spanning multiple "groups" of processsing rules. 


I would like the "Copy Processing Rules" page to be updated to be more robust.  It should show processing rules currently applied to them so that I can see within the interface which rsid(s) the Processing Rules should be applied to. 


Maybe this should be a separate idea, but in addition (or alternatively), I would like for Processing Rules to be exposed to the API.  At a minimum, I would like to see it added as something in the ReportSuite.GetSettings method, e.g. just showing what processing rule names are set on what report suites.  That alone would be super helpful in making sure things are synced up.  


Ideally I would like to see it have its own methods for Get and Save methods for updating adding/editing/deleting them through the API.  But I figure that's not going to happen until Adobe gets over their hangup about requiring certification for edit rights (please remove this pointless hoop to jump through).  But since any admin can at least view the rules, I figure it's at least fair to ask that "read" access through the API happen.