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Ability to generate simple logical links to specific reports/filters


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We should be able to generate a URL providing the report suite, report name, and optionally a filter value that will send a logged-in user directly to the "current month" data for that value.


If a user is logged in, this would take them to the pages report for the nmkansascity suite and filter the results for "Vendor AdPerfect"

With this, we could all create browser tools/widgets to give users that would make it easy for them to get traffic data for specific pages -- while they are looking at the pages themselves.

We have a tool that puts our Omniture page values in a FireFox sidebar. It's tremendous for troubleshooting and allowing users to know what they should look for in Omniture to find a specific page or channel. If we could make the values clickable like this, it would be a godsend for the novice user. (See attached screengrab of our tool).

The same effort might be added to Omniture's own popup debugger.

Other Options:

Suite & report are required, but the filter is optional. Another optional parameter could be timeframe with allowed values of today, thisweek, thismonth or lastmonth.

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Archiving due to age and relevance. If this is still something that is desired while using the latest version of Analytics/Analysis Workspace, I'd highly recommend creating a new idea and linking this idea there. Thanks!