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Ability to choose date range before loading a report


Level 4


We need to run reports for a specific date range which in most cases is different from the default date range. It will be easier to first choose the date range when you login to Site Cat and then load the report than loading the report on the default date range and then again re-running it on the dates you want! Would save a lot of time!

Hope this appeals to a lot of users!

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Level 6


This is a very sensible idea because it should reduce overhead on the back end infrastructure and contribute to making the entire system more reliable and responsive for everyone!


Level 2


and not only for the date range. But for each report it should be possible to change some things like date range, metrics, trended/ranked, type of graph. But only run the report ounce all the settings are as you wish them.

A bit like the report builder option SiteCatalyst had offered in one of their previous versions.


Level 3


Basically as the above say, this is really just "bring back the old report builder" (as in 13.5)!


It was a great time-saver.