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What is the difference between Entry Pages & Original Entry Pages?


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hi all,

         I have been looking at this guide Paths Reports .

It says;

  • Entry Pages (or sections): Displays, by percentage and by total visits, which pages on your site are the first pages seen by a new visitor. You can use this report to identify which of your web pages are the most frequent points of entry, optimize the primary entry points on your site, and drive entry traffic to your key messages.
  • Original Entry Pages : Shows the first page viewed for first-time visitors to your site. Each user is counted only once unless they delete their cookies or are not being tracked with cookies.

I don't quite understand what the difference is between the two, if some could provide any examples that would be great.


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Great question.  The difference here is that an Original Entry page is the Entry page from a Visitors first visit. Each time you visit a site it will log the first page view as the entry page for that visit.  This allows you to see which pages are pages drawing visitors to your site.  Though you may like to know which pages drive the most first time visitors and the original entry page report will allow you to see that data.

Hope that helps answer your question!

Jason Case

Blast Analytics and Marketing



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Dear Savc,

Consider a New Visitor is arriving your website and the scenario stands the below:

Visit 1 : A >> B >> D >> E

Visit 2 : A >> C >> D >> E

Visit 3 : B >> C >> D >> E

Visit 4 : C >> A >> D >> E

Entry Pages are A, A, B, and C. It will be counted for every visit.

Original Entry Page is Only A. Till you clear your cookie, your Original Entry Page will remain A for the visitor because it is the First Page of your visit to the website.

Hope this explains the difference.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B | Xerago | Terryn Winter Analytics


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Thanks for the response. But if all 4 visits are made in incognito mode, then original entry pages will be A,A,B,C right?