Testing Analytics with Local AEM



Is it possible to test Analytics using a local AEM instance (i.e, running on localhost:4502) via Launch and an Analytics instance in the partner sandbox? Is there any documentation for this specific scenario?

I've been trying to do this using the documentation I've found online, but no page visits are appearing in Analytics (disclaimer - I have a lot of experience with AEM but little to none with DTM/Launch and Analytics)

I reviewed this Gem CQ Gems_27_Dynamic Tag Management Cloud Service_100114  which suggests that it should be possible, but that's also several years old. The methodology seems different than what I was finding in Launch and Analytics documentation. The Gem also makes references to an API Token that I should be able to find in my account settings in DTM, but I'm not seeing that - has the UI changed? Or maybe it's because I'm using a partner sandbox?

Thanks for any comments.







what are your settings in your local version of AEM as far as sending the beacon call?

can you spin up IIS on your local machine so it could act as a web server?

im just kind of thinking this through. I am not an AEM expert by any means but have a pretty good grasp on networking, etc.

if you are familiar with DWB or have the ability to get it, it has a product called Report. This was used to publish workspaces/reports to a portal that was through IIS on the server. You might be able to work with the xml behind this to help with your quandary.





I've tried getting Launch working on a local web page, and wasn't able to. As soon as I had it hosted on a web server, it worked.

However, localhost should technically work since it should follow the same structure as a regularly hosted web page. Are you certain that the locally hosted instance is the issue, and not perhaps with how the implementation is set up?