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Spike in Internal Last Touch Channel Traffic


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Hi there,

Over the last several weeks, our Internal Last Touch Channel entries (segment applied is 'Entry Site Section = Category') are about 10x what they were historically.

What is the best way to begin breaking down where all these 'entries' are coming from?

So far, I have broken the Internal entries down by Page then Previous Page Name then URL.

Most of the Previous Page Name is Unspecified with the bulk of it look like its coming from URL which is equal to the 'Entry Site Section Category' segment which was applied to the whole report.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Paul, most known troubleshoot steps that we'd recommend are located here:

Troubleshoot spikes and drops in data

If you haven't been able to solve it yet, let us know how the trend line has panned out and if there's any other oddities worth nothing. Thanks!