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Possible reasons for missing data in Adobe Analytics


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As per my understanding, these are the possible reasons for missing data in Adobe Analytics UI/clickstream raw data when comparing with internal tools.

  • Implementation issue
  • End customer blocking traffic using Ghostery etc
  • IP filer Exclusion in Admin settings
  • Customer moving to the next page before page fully loaded/analytics executed on the page

Any other reasons?


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Add to the list

  • VISTA rules
  • Bot filters
  • Latency related to data processing (rare cases)

*the first two are a part of the implementation item, but do not have any relation to the code/SDK implementation.

Also take into account that sometimes the issue of data discrepancy is on the other end — internal tools.


Employee Advisor

Duplicate Purchase


Vista Rules specially like "IP Exclusion" "Moving hits from one report suite to other"


internal URL filters

Most common example listed here: Adobe Analytics Help | How to exclude data in Adobe Analytics