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Participation metric against activity map link clicks


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I've created a calculated metric that divides a participation metric counting the next page in a linear funnel by visits where there were activity map link clicks. Basically I want to understand which links might be causing drop off.

Generally it looks about right except for one of the links which is counting more in the participation metric than there are actual visits where the link was clicked.

If I drop a dimension on the link which breaks it down by individual customer cookies you can see for some there are no visits but somehow the participation metric counts. The participation metric counts page views for the next page in the funnel, but will count it once per visit i.e if it's seen 3 times in the same visit it still counts only once. Any ideas why the participation metric would count if the link hasn't been clicked? Surely nothing can't participate in another event?

Left column is Activity map link

6756 Test is a Target experience

The blacked out page is the activity map page where these links exist



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Do you get the same results if you sort the metrics by the 3rd column instead of the first column?