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Mobile Web traffic redirected to APP is not getting tracked under tracking code report


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We are an online e-commerce player and a lot of our m-web traffic from various advertisement channels such as Facebook, Google and the likes, get's directed to the APP instead of the m-web site. While we are fine with this happening, the problem arises when we try to analyze the performance. The tracking codes assigned to the campaigns, do not reflect in the APP suite.

What could be the possible reasons for the dropoff?

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HI ashutoshkatoch​,

When the traffic moves from your mobile pages to Native App, the two environments would be treated as different Unique Visitors and hence the attribution of the campaign will be lost.

If this is not the scenario and you are making sure that the visitors are unique across different environments, can you please describe the path followed by users in detail?


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Thanks for your reply. I'm not talking about visitors from our own site being directed on to the App, but about the users sent to our site through online advertisements.

Take 2 use cases -

1) User directed to Mobile Site From Google/FB Ad - User Clicks on a Google/Facebook Ad for our website -> User directed to a landing page on my website -> Adobe Analytics Records a visit corresponding to the tracking code.

2) User directed to APP From Google/FB Ad (Because of Universal Links/App Links/Deep Links) - User Clicks on a Google/Facebook Ad for our website -> User directed to a page on my APP -> Adobe Analytics Does Not Record a visit corresponding to the tracking code.

My query is why would the second scenario arise?


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Just making sure, your app is also sending data to Adobe Analytics to the same report suite, correct?