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Confusing on "Fallout" breakdown in Workspace


Level 8
Level 8

Hello everyone,

Now I'd like to ask a question about the breakdown result of "fallout".

As following 2 screen captures show, on "Visit" and "Visitor" level, the breakdown of fallout, does not match with the actual fallout on above "Fallout" chart.

May I have your help to clarify the result?

Does it mean other visits/visitors "Exit" the site?

E.g. on "Visit" level,

with in 1,108,763 visits

> 2,362 visit Activity Map Link = ***

> 456,223 to the rest pages

> 650,178 Exits the website? (650,178=1,108,763-2,362-456,223)



Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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Employee Advisor

I'm afraid the question does not make a lot of sense, nor is there enough information here to troubleshoot your issue. Since so many things are blurred out, I can't tell what to properly compare to what, and I don't know what the segment is technically defined as. Based solely on the numbers though, it looks like the segment is pulling in full visits/visitors, while the fallout report is only showing criteria that matched your rules in that specific order.

You're welcome to have a Customer support delegate contact customer care and show them the full data set; that way they can confidently tell you exactly what you're comparing without the need to blur anything out.