Freeform Analysis FAQ




As users ask questions, this thread will be updated to address common questions or concerns using the tool.

Q: What is freeform analysis?
A: Freeform Analysis is a tool that is included as part of the reports & analytics capability. It allows users to drag and drop dimensions, metrics,and segments to create any report that user would like.

Q: Why a public beta?
A: We wanted to provide users access to this tool early on to make sure it is developed in a way users prefer. We are using the community as a method to channel feedback to product management and engineering for use in improving the tool.

Q: What's the best way for me to help improve the tool?
A: Your participation in the community is the most effective way to see the tool improve. Create threads on features you want to see, and validate bugs users submit. If a workflow or feature is inconvenient or difficult to use, do not hesitate to respond to an existing thread or create your own on why its not working for you.

Q: How long until freeform analysis exits beta?
A: There is not a set time for the beta period, but we intend for it to last at least 6-8 months.

Q: Why don't some of my users have access to the tool?
A: Freeform Analysis is currently only available to admins. We will be expanding this feature as an adjustable permission in the future so all users can have access to it.

Q: What if I'm an admin and I still don't see it available?
A: The new tool is available only to owners of the complete Adobe Analytics solution (either Analytics Standard or Analytics Premium); if you own Reports & Analytics/SiteCatalyst as a stand-alone product, you will not have access to the tool. You can check with your Adobe account team to find out whether this applies to you; if you do own Adobe Analytics, your account manager should be able to flip a switch on our backend to provide access.