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First instance of an eVar - pages


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Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to prepare a report where I would be able to see the pages where first instance of an eVar occurred (so basically on which pages an eVar was set and assigned to a user). I tried segmentation with "then" clauses but I was not able to get rid of the next pages seen after this eVar was set.

Any ideas?

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you need a „hit“ segment with condition „[evar] instances“ is „greater than or equal„ to „1“

where [evar] ist the name of the evar you are looking for

this way you get only the hit‘s where the evar is set


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Hello urs.boller, thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, this segment shows not only the pages where the first instance of an eVar happened, also the pages where it was set already (on previous pages). Furthermore, there is no situation where a hit can have more than 1 instance of a specific eVar

Do you think there is a way to dig these pages?


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annaurban​ do you mean you only want the first instances of the evar ever? means if there is a second evar instance in the same visit, it should not count/include the second hit?


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The segment urs.boller​ mentioned should work, except use 'equals 1' instead of 'greater than or equal to 1'.


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Hello Gigazelle​, this segment does not work because it shows every hit where the eVar existed, not necessarily the first instance.

Changing the condition from 'greater...' to 'equals 1' unfortunately does not work - there is no hit where we can have more than 1 instance of the same eVar.


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ok, this can get a bit tricky - never tried it out (but it is on my todo list so very interested if it works...)

create the following 4 segments:

1) his segment where evarX-Instance equals 1

2) hit segment where evarX-Instance equals 1 and hit-depth equals 1

3) visit segment (before sequence) where „evarX-Instance does not equals 1“ then „evarX-Instance equals 1)

4) hit segment where (1) and {container: (2) or (3)}


it shows you all hits where evar is set (1) and either it is the first hit (2) or within a sequence of hits until the instance occurs (3)

maybe this can be done a way easier, possibly by just 1 segment by combining the containers directly...

let me know if it works!

kind regards



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Should'nt this be related to the expiration and allocation definitions of the variable ?

Cheers !


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I was going to try with a Min Count function. Any tips?


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Sequential Segmentation.

Setup Visit segment where

(Hit container) evar is unspecified, criteria X, does not equal Y, or does not exist. (Depends on your implmentation)

Then After 1 Hit

(Hit container) evar exists or equals Y. (Depends on your implementation)