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Error Tracking - What are YOUR Best Practices?


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I would assume a lot of implementation specialists are setting up tracking for error in some way in Adobe Analytics, so I figured that I would ask if anyone out there in the Adobe Analytics community who have been doing this a long time developed a best practice for that.  Recently, we'e been going back and forth about the "best" way to accurately track different types of errors while also using Adobe Analytics to its best potential.  We've approached it from different ways:


  • Originally, we fired one event any time there was an error and then two eVars:
    • Error Type
    • Error Message
  • More recently, we have tried firing the same event but instead used a list variable to capture all errors happening in a particular scenario, so we would have an errors array with the error event.
  • The most recent discussion has centered on using three different kinds of error events, like service errors vs. user generated, etc.


I've also started to rethink how we also manage the expiration of the eVars associated to the error events, as they are currently defaulted to expire after the visit.  I've been thinking about expiring them after the hit.


I understand that everyone has different goals in how they might track errors in their own implementations, but I'm highly curious to see if anyone has landed on a configuration that worked particularly well in their environment.  Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

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