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Introducing the 2024 Adobe Community Advisors ⭐ 🎉



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Our Adobe Experience Cloud communities serve as the dynamic core that fosters connections, fosters engagement, and empowers our users to craft transformative digital experiences for their customers.

Today, I am delighted to unveil the 2024 cohort of Community Advisors. Comprising passionate and deeply engaged individuals, these leaders exemplify a commitment to excellence and generously impart their knowledge to all. Throughout their tenure, Advisors will actively participate in community endeavours, collaborate closely with Community managers, offer invaluable product insights, and, above all, share their expertise with the broader Experience League/Marketo Community. We eagerly anticipate welcoming the second wave of the 2024 class in June/July.

Congratulations to the esteemed members of the class of 2024. 

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Community Advisor

Hello 2024 Adobe Community Advisors,

Congratulations and Welcome to the Adobe Community Advisors group. We are happy to have you as part of this group. Also, we would love to have your expertise shared along with the broader experience league community. Congratulations and Welcome again!


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The announcement of the 2024 Adobe Community Advisors marks an exciting milestone in the Adobe Experience Cloud communities. It reflects a commitment to fostering connections, driving engagement, and empowering users to create impactful digital experiences.

The selection of these Advisors highlights their passion, engagement, and dedication to excellence. They are recognized for their expertise and willingness to share knowledge generously with the broader community. Their role as leaders involves active participation in community initiatives, close collaboration with Community managers, offering valuable product insights, and most importantly, sharing their expertise to benefit the Experience League/Marketo Community.

This cohort of Advisors represents a diverse group of individuals who will undoubtedly enrich the community with their unique perspectives and contributions. Their presence promises to enhance the collaborative spirit and support the growth of Adobe's user base.

Congratulations to the members of the 2024 class of Adobe Community Advisors! Your commitment to excellence and willingness to support others will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the Adobe Experience Cloud communities. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact you will have as you embark on this journey of leadership and collaboration.