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Entry - Exit props use case


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Hello Adobe Community!

I was wondering how do the Entry Exit props work ?  how are these useful ? And how can I use these values to their full potential ?

For exemple , could I use a hit segment to get all the page views that have the same prop without "exiting" the same value ?

Thanks a lot for the insights on this subject !

Kind regards,

Mario Nuñez 

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I'm using Exit prop for the dimension "User - Login Status" that can be set to "logged", "not logged".

I want to know how many visits comes from logged in users and how many from not logged users.

I need to know what is the user status at the end of the session because the status may vary but for me the only one that count is the one the users are into when they leave the website.

If you use the "standard" prop and use the "visits" metric the sum of the rows is higher than the total visits because many users start as not logged and change to logged.

If you use an evar set to "allocation last" you have exactly the same problem as the standard metric, rows sum is higher than the total visits.