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Create a metric for a site


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Hi all,

I need some assistance in creating a metric for entire site.

At the moment, if i need to find visits for my site, i need to have all the pages on the 'dimension' on the left hand side of the "Freeform table" and have visit metric on the column.

I need a rule or metric or segment to have the entire site in one row. Could you please advise how can i streamline them ?



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Hi giri3072​ -

To see visits to your site, you can put visits as your metric and then put month (or day or year or quarter or hour, etc.) as the dimension.

Thanks -



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thanks a lot Sarah.

I have another question which i posted in a separate thread.

Could you please advise how can i get a page name when i click an event. Currently, the event (a pop up button) is present in 4 pages. We need to track which page most people  have clicked the pop up button. At the moment, it shows the page name of the first one even when they are click on page 2 , 3 and 4.


Giri Vijay