AMP Page Tracking



With AMP page tracking has come many problems for us. First is the idea of how to track this channel. We came to the conclusion we would include it in the last touch channels, by page, for anything that contains "amp".

Our pressing Issue

We are finding that are some tracking issues specifically with safari. When comparing visits to sessions in GA (since we have our site tagged in GA as well) we are finding that AA shows visits & page views 5X greater than sessions specifically for Safari. We are wondering if GA is under counting visits, or if AA is over counting has anyone else experienced this issue?





Yes we used the adobeanalytics_nativeConfig. Our first question how to classify this channel wise. Should we classify this under the last touch marketing channels, or use a segment? And if we use a segment should we use the entry page dimension for the segment? Also is there a way to get last touch channel information from AMP pages or is this a no go? And lastly are there any known issues with tracking on mobile safari browsers otherwise outlined in the Adobe tutorial?




I'd leave Channels alone provided your amp page is passing the referring string and/or any tracking parameters to your iFrame.

Adding an eVarX="amp" could be useful to segment data in/out.