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AEP Benchmark Recruiting


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Analytics Community,


With the summer '21 product release of AEP, we'd love to get your feedback on the new features. As a more technically savvy Adobe Analytics user, I'd love to grant you access to a demo environment and hear your perspective. If you have 30-minutes before September 20th , schedule a time to try it out with this link: https://experiencecloudpanel.adobe.com/c/r/TechAEPTTV4


After you've signed up, you will get an calendar invite with a link to the study. Feel free to use that link to log in and start the study after your scheduled start time. (Please note you cannot start before the time you sign up for.) Here is 5-minute video introduction to learn more about AEP if want a little background before participating in the study.

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Community Advisor

Dear Jantzen,

I would love to participate, but do we need to implement anything or do some exercise for this study?

Though I know about AEP I have never implemented it for anyone as on date. So, how does it go? Your advice would help everyone who stands withe me.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B | Xerago | Terryn Winter Analytics 



Hi Pratheep,

Thank you for your interest. You do not have to have implemented anything in AEP to participate in this benchmark study. We have an instance of AEP setup for participants and fresh eyes on the experience are always welcome.

Cheers, Kristy Duncan, GPM AEP


Level 1

Are we able to participate in this study effectively if we implement anything or do some exercises as part of the study?The AEP is something that I was aware of, but I had not applied for any of the clients that I worked with, despite the fact that I was aware of it. Could you please let me know how things are going and let me know what needs to be done? Would it be possible for you to offer some advice to those who have pledged their support to me if you would be kind enough to do so?