Adobe Analytics and GDPR




Hi everyone! Given that this topic is fairly frequently discussed right now, I'd like to share everything I'm allowed to.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the European Union’s new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements.

What is Adobe's current stance on GDPR?

Adobe's current landing page on GDPR is located here: General data protection regulation, GDPR | Adobe Privacy Center - if you haven't read through it, I would recommend doing so! Many answers to questions are there, including specific actions you can take to optimize your Analytics implementation in preparation for GDPR.

What about Adobe Analytics specifically?

Adobe Analytics has several things in the works to fully comply with GDPR. Currently, they are slated to release April 2018. More specific information will be available as we near that date.

What if I have a specific question?

Ask it here, and I'll chat with some teams internally to see about answering your question. Keep in mind that some may not be able to be answered until we get closer to the compliance date in May.





Adobe just released their statement that they are deleting all data that is more than 25 months old. This is obviously a large change. Thoughts on why this decision was made? It seems pretty counter-intuitive to the purpose of an analytics tool and I can imagine that some organizations have maybe a decade worth of data in their tool. Making statements like this make it super easy to switch to competitors that don't have this policy because you have essentially deleted the competitive advantage of being the incumbent tool.




Hi Gigazelle,

I am working for a client where we do not pass any personal information to Adobe Analytics. is there any specific measures to take for my client to be GDPR compliance specifically from Adobe analytics perspective?

Additionally i heard that IP addresses would come into GDPR compliance factors. Per my understanding, Adobe analytics tracks IP address to identify Geo Locations. Should we expect any updates on this area from Adobe side on how this data is stored?





abrahame72445545​ - to answer your question(s), all of your points are topics which you will want to hold with your client's legal team. You'll want to work with them to assess their data, and determine which columns can contain PII.

Adobe is currently in the process of documenting the ideal way for organizations to let us know which components of your data is sensitive. More details on that will be coming soon.




Great to see own official topic for GDPR.

"Adobe is currently in the process of documenting the ideal way for organizations to let us know which components of your data is sensitive. More details on that will be coming soon."

1. That sounds interesting and probably there will be lots of discussions in the upcoming Adobe Summits. Would be interesting to here will Adobe release features where we could delete data if needed for some reason (sensitive data needs to be deleted or visitor wants data deleted or something...)?

2. Is Adobe planning some kind of easy "opt-in" feature clients could use or is this something already available?




Hi Gigazelle,

on some of our pages there is a "fid" sent to Adobe Analytics. Can we still use "fid" after GDPR has come into effect? Is it possible to deactivate the fid?

Thank you