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Adding static number to a calculated metric based on day


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I have serveral KPIs tracked via calculated metrics using segments & metrics

We had a data outage April 24th to May 4th 2018

I wish to add these missing values back

Example - Calculated Metric 1

Based on Segment Page starts with NAME A  visit based (ie not hit or visitor)

Metric = visits

Attempt 1:

adding container using +

Dimension Day = April 24th

Static Number = 1111

FAILED: adds 1111 to all days not just April 24th

Repeated using Segment based on April 24th

Failed : adds 1111 to all days

Tried crating a calcul;ated metric seperaly for the day

Day=April 24th

Segment to id pages



ALSO failed

Any advice?

Thank you


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two ideas to solve the data gap:

  1. create a new calculated metric with the formula „if hits of [day] greater than 0 then [yournumber] else...“ (just needs a of clause for every day with different number and the original meteic i. the final “else“
  2. use the first idea from the blog post here: 3 Problems Solved by Adobe Analytics Calculated Metrics

hope that helps!


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I think you may have a challenge here.

The key Metric is Visit(its a key variable as well as part of the calculated metric )

Since visits are a base metric unless you made them custom somehow as in some sort of SAINT association the data gap is exactly that a gap. You cannot fill it back in. We cannot report on data not collected. SAINT uploads may have some info you can upload but I have not done so myself when it comes to uploading (manually things like visits, pageviews, unique visits).

Also see data sources. they have some limitations but may help you in part.

Data Sources FAQ



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Thanks for your responce

For this purpose assume I had no data populated in Adobe from March 2nd and to 7th & data stoped at 4pm March 1st

I can get the zero data to populate

I planed created a calculated metric for each day & add to the primary KPI

The day for which I have partial data works fineie March 1st here I'm adding a static number to the existing visits to get a total

BUT in trying to get  the first day I had no data the following gets close

IF(logic_test,value_ifTrue, value_if False)


     EQUAL(metric_X,Metric_Y) -"Metric 1=Metric2"

     Metric X =Segment (Pages of interest) Metric = Visits

     Metric Y= Static Value 0

Value if True

     Static Value = 1111

Value if Falce

     Orginal Calculated Metric

This leaves the non missing data intact but populates all March 2nd to march 7th of missing data as 1111

Wraping any portion of the above in March 2nd changes nothing -in fact if I wrap the whole function in March 2nd ALL data populates as 1111 even non mising data days


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what happens if you slightly change your calculated formula: instead of using „equal“ try using „greater than“. then add your metricX as first parameter and the static number 0 as second parameter. and finally change the true/false values due to changed condition...