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Tag Workspace Components for More Accurate & Efficient Reporting




You can tag eVars, props, success events, segments, and calculated metrics to make reporting more efficient and accurate for all analysts, especially those that are new to Adobe Analytics. Tagging components simplifies the reporting process, as you can group items related to a specific project or analysis. For instance, you can group specific calculated metrics and segments created for a specific Campaign into groups dedicated to each Campaign Name to ensure analysts are leveraging the most optimal components for the analysis. A second example is to create tag groups for performance vs. conversion components to ensure analysts are selecting the appropriate items for either user performance or conversion dashboards.  You can add components to existing tag groups using the right-hand rail in Workspace. If the tag group you’re looking for does not exist, you can simply add a new one, by typing in the name of the new group and hit enter on your keyboard. 

Tagging Components to Existing Groups

  1. Search for the components you’d like to tag using the search bar on the right-hand side of Workspace.
  2. In this example, we are going to tag social media segments and place them into an existing tag group called “Social Media.”
  3. Highlight multiple or individually select the segments that you’d like to tag into the group. 
  4. Right-click on the segment(s) and click “Tag.”


     5. You will be shown a list of tag groups to choose from, as shown below:


     6. Select the tag group where you’d like to save the segment by selecting the checkbox. Hit “Save” once you select the correct group where you’d like to add the segments.

Tagging Components to New Groups

  1. Navigate to AA > Components > Segments.
  2. Search for the segment you’d like to add to tag group.
  3. Check the box once you identify the correct segment, and click “Tag.” Similar to the example above, ou will see a list of tag groups to select from, as shown below:


     4. If the tag group you’re looking for does not exist, you can simply add a new one, by typing in the name of the new group and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. 

     5. The tag will be added to your segment, which is visible in Workspace.

     6. To search for the segment tag groups in Workspace, use the search bar on the right-hand side. Type in “#” before the name of the tag group name to find it. In this case, we are looking for the tag group called “Social Media.”



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