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Missing PMax & Discovery Campaign Data in Advertising Analytics


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Hi Everyone,


I have recently integrated Google Adwords using Advertising Analytics and all the search campaign data is flowing fine into the Workspace but I'm having trouble getting data for PMax and Discovery campaigns. I followed the standard Advertising Analytics setup process and implemented the tracking code provided in the UI ("s_kwcid={userid}!{sid}!{creative}!{matchtype}!{placement}!{network}!{product_partition_id}!{keyword}").


However, I came across a document stating that PMax campaigns aren't tracked by default in Advertising Analytics because in Google Ads performance max campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords are not set up. The document suggests using an upgraded AMO ID tracking code for PMax and Discovery campaign tracking.


My questions are:


  1. Has anyone successfully integrated PMax and Discovery campaign data into Advertising Analytics? What are the necessary steps for achieving this?
  2. If the upgraded AMO ID tracking code is necessary, can anyone share the sample tracking code or required variables for PMax and Discovery campaign tracking?
  3. Are there any additional steps or configurations needed other than upgrading the tracking code?


Link to the document mentioned: Google Performance Max Campaigns


I appreciate any insights or guidance you can offer!





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Ensure that your advertising campaigns (both PMax and Discovery) are correctly tagged with tracking parameters. This usually involves appending specific parameters to the URLs of your campaign assets to enable Adobe Analytics to capture campaign-related data



Vaishnavi Krishna Brundavan


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PMax campaigns are different from standard search campaigns. So, an AMO ID tracking code is needed to capture data accurately from PMax and Discovery campaigns.

Aside from the tracking code, I would make sure that the Advertising Analytics setup is configured to handle PMax and Discovery campaign data correctly.