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I am spending too much time on bidding decision and too less time on making higher-quality strategic decision to improve conversions. How can Adobe Media Optimizer help me free bidding time and yet improve conversions?

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Hi Akanksha,

If Bidding Decision takes too much of your time, AMO is the solution for you. AMO Technology automatically manages budgets and Bids based on data modelling of the keywords of you account.

It will help you automate the process of bidding and would take decision on Concrete data modelling and your historical performance with the system. all the decesion will be made in order to maximize conversions.

It also helps you forecast the best mix of search, display and social ads based on your budget. It also automates the execution of your media plan and helps you find the best way to deliver relevant content to your high-value audiences. 



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I was in your position years ago. I even used to use bid rules (created logic) to help with my bidding. I've worked on AMO now for 3 years and have been so impressed with how much time it takes off my hands from bidding. It is also able to do a much better job a bidding decisions than I was, and now with how segmented data is (mobile, audience, geo, etc) there is even MORE to think about. If you're looking to improve your bidding, definitely check out AMO.