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To attract customers that are searching for special offers and sales relevant to our business we have used sales and promotions in our ad copy or expanded text ads to highlight any promotion for years. But creating and managing multiple promotions need a lot of extra work – we had to duplicate different text ads for different promotions, which were often only running for a few short days.

Promotion Extension could make our life easy! It’s free to add, just need to pay for clicks from people viewing our ad. And the charge of a click on this extension would be equals the cost of a click on the headline of that same ad. For any special offers & sales relevant to our business such as Back-to-school sales and Black Friday Promo ext. is the best way. Highlighting our sales/offers for people that are searching for the best deals our business offers would value addition to our text ads.

What Are AdWords Promotion Extensions and how it performs?



Google displays Promotion extensions under the ad in an informal and easy to read format. A clearly visible price tag icon under the Ad catches the eye of our potential customers. Moreover, we can stipulate details about our promotion, whether it’s for a special occasion or holiday, any minimum order values, if it requires any promo code at checkout, as well as when the sales ends.

The extension shows 1 - 2 lines of text also which includes details of our promotion. Being stand out from the main ad text of promotion extensions its really very easy to spot by our potential customers when used clicks or the extension, they go directly to the special offer that interests them on our site

How to create promotion extensions

  1. Login in to AdWords account.
  2. On the page menu find Ad & extensions and click on Extensions along the top.
  3. Now hit the plus button to select Promotion extension.
  4. Select to campaign, or ad group to add the promotion extension.
  5. choose the occasion (optional). The name of the occasion appears in your ad extension. The dates for each occasion is when your extension may be eligible to show. To narrow this date range, use the Advanced options.
  6. Choose language and currency.
  7. Select monetary or percentage discount as your Promotion type.
  8. Enter the Item’s name you’re offering.
  9. Enter the Final URL that will show in your ad.
  10. Select the type of Offer and enter any requirements for your promotion such as a special code or spending limit.
  11. In Promotion dates (optional), enter the dates you would like to show on your ad.


Types of Promotion Extension

We need to specify which of these 4 categories best describes our sale or promotion:

  • Monetary discount: A Static amount which our will be offered.
  • Percent discount: A percent that all orders will be discounted.
  • Up to monetary discount: A maximum static amount that will be offered on orders
  • Up to percent discount: A maximum percent that

Occasions for your promotions

Below mentioned occasions and currencies are available for promotion extensions:


Some Important Limitations of AdWords Promotion Extensions

  • Non-English advertisers will not be allowed to use this new ad extension.
  • Only USD, CAN, GBP, EURO, AUD, and NZD price could be offered
  • “Free Shipping” or “Buy one get X free” could not be included as a promotional extension.

Blog by Shankar Dayal

Consultant - Adobe Advertising Cloud