Difference in Percentages in Freeform Table

lindsaya8085303 06-09-2019

I have a table of visits split by channel. I have turned off numbers so that I can just see each channel as a % share of the total - I have this for TY and LY and am wanting to create a new column that will tell me the difference between the two percentages.

When calculating as a percentage change, or as one minus the other I am getting stupid numbers. Using a Summary Change Visualisation with Raw Difference gives me the right number but I can't seem to replicate in my table.

Anybody experienced/solved this before?

Current set up of Freeform Table:


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ashokkumarm 09-09-2019

Hi lindsaya80853039

By Right Clicking Share of Visits under "3 Months - TY", you can able to compare the data with custom data range.

Menu: Right Click > Compare to periods > Custom Date range to this range


Try this method you will get the % difference.



lindsaya8085303 09-09-2019

Apologies, I didn't realise I had said percentage not percentage point - however I've now managed to work out how to adjust it. Thank you so much for your help!

lindsaya8085303 08-09-2019

Got this now - thank you! However, the numbers still don't seem to make sense with the formula above?


Set up of Difference in Share of Visits: