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Scenario Planner : Features and a Question


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At my organisation we use Scenario Planner by pulling in draft projects into Scenario Planner (rather than building initiatives). I have a question and some features that we would love (some have been detailed in previous threads). Thank you for your help.



On some projects we have pulled you get the purple box for 'open associated project' and some are not there (I don't use the tool as I am system admin rather than a campaign planner so don't know if they were ever there).
Why would the purple box not show ? Name change ? Project moved ?

Thank You


Extra feature ideas:


  1. Search function : at the moment you need to scroll up and down when in a scenario to find a project/initiative.
  2. After publishing, if a project is in two plans the green dot (to show its published) is only in the scenario that you have published it doesn’t pull through to the other plan
  3. Download : It would be great to be able to download a scenario into an excel or PDF as you do schedules
  4. ‘Live pull’ : we have over 200 projects that we are looking at in one plan. We would like to do a bi-monthly review of where we are. To be able to do this we need to re-pull the projects into a scenario which creates a couple of issues : they are out of priority order from the approved scenario and we still do not feel 100% comfortable that everything is pulled through as it relies on filters and data (from users). It would be great to do a copy of the scenario and have an ‘update’ button that if you clicked would updated from the project (i.e. dates & planned hours).

Many thanks




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